Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Interesting discussion on CAG about Grass Carp. In OR and WA it is stated in the regs that you cannot target grass carp. Where does that put the fly fisherman who sight fishes for carp? I fish 100% catch and release for carp, but it is easy to identify grassers, so to cast to one you are targeting the fish. Now, I have been targeting a specific common only to have a different (sometimes bigger!) fish hammer the fly, but it would be like the perfect storm to accidentally catch a grass carp on the fly. Tough call here...I would love to catch one, but don't have the opportunity to even fish for them according to the regulations. If the grassers are naturally reproducing does this change things?


Wendy Berrell said...

I would base my decision on (1) the intent of the rule, (2) the intent of my fishing, (3) the probable fate of the fish if I were to catch one.

Rules are often made to blanket situations in which SOME instances could be harmful... the rulemakers knowingly affect situations that they acknowledge would not be harmful. My guess is that is the case here.

Shane said...

John what is the species of carp that inhabit the Columbia Slough? There are thousands of them there and access is pretty easy. Also crappie and bass in there too.
I would agree with justin on this. I believe ones intent may be a factor here.

John Montana said...

around here it is almost all common carp. i have seen one grass carp in the columbia slough, but that is one grasser for hundreds of commons.

i think you are pretty much right on here j.