Thursday, November 23, 2006

Huge win by Gonzaga last night! The mighty (and hated) Tar Heels of North Carolina with their 12 man rotation and multiple 5 star recruits went down to the scrappy Zags in a really entertaining game. A few thoughts:

Hansbrough is a beast, but Coach Few completely took him out of the game. Is there a doubt Few can gameplan?

Free throws...For all the whining that INSTANTLY pops up when Duke takes makes more free throws than their opponents attempt (see BC and FSU last year and the subsequent media response) the Tar Heels had shot 32 free throws to 7 for Gonzaga up until the point where they tried fouling to extend the game. 32 to 7 and I nothing will be said, but Carolina fans will scream if Duke has a similar discrepancy this year. I found that rather funny.

Gonzaga is a real team this year, and they are missing three guys that could have real impacts in Downs, Burgess and Theo.

This team is just easy to cheer for.

One more note, check out La Revolucion (I just added a link on the sidebar.) Good stuff from another Zag fan.

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