Thursday, July 05, 2007

This report is a few days late, but I did manage to get out after some carp twice this week. Once for a few hours on Tuesday, and then again Wednesday morning for the 4th. I fished with KB on the 4th, hence the nice picture above of me and JJ. Always fun to take the kids out, and while little JJ did fall asleep, he was sure excited to see me land the small carp I caught Wednesday!

On Tuesday I caught this tiny carp. Probably the smallest carp I've ever actually seen in person. A few interesting items from the two day report. First, this tiny carp was in a cloud of carp that had maybe 300 baby carp in the mix. I dropped the fly in there just to catch one and look at it, then left them alone. Tons of tiny carp, kind of a neat sight.

Second, in one of my local ponds I was stunned to see a monstrous fish roaming the shoreline about 20 ft away. This was a big fish, about 30 some inches, and as I snuck closer I realized that it was a Sturgeon! Unbelievable...I was shocked and watched the fish mill around for a minute or so before it headed off to the deeper water. That was not something I expected to see.

Third...I spotted and chased a 5-7lb white koi in another pond that I don't often visit. People teased me last year about Highway Cone being my "white whale." Well, I have an actual white fish to chase now...I really want to catch this koi, and of course it spooked at every feeble offering I could muster. I'll hunt him down eventually.

Speaking of Highway Cone brings me to number four. KB hooked that monster Wednesday morning! She swam by me with her usual disdain, moved into perfect position near Kim and he dropped a hares ear right on her. To his amazement...she ate it! He got one really good run out of her but that wily fish threw the hook after blasting out of the bay. I didn't see the run but I bet Kim enjoyed watching an orange bullet shoot through the water.

5th and final...I had one carp actually "taste" my fly while I watched. I dropped a carp wooley on a small carp only to have the line hang up slightly on a stick in the water. The fly was effectively hanging there about 3 inches down in 2 ft of water. The carp wasn't nosed up and gently sucked at the fly. It touched that fly at least 4-5 times with its lips, but not once did it actually take the fly inside the mouth enough for me to set the hook. Finally, the fish gave the fly an interesting look, and swam off...

One more item...I fished a 7 wt Fenwick Fiberglass rod both days and really enjoyed it. I'm still undecided on the whole glass thing, need to hook a bigger fish on that rod but I was casting like a Rajeff brother both days...well, in terms of accuracy, not distance!

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Wendy Berrell said...

Go get that white koi. I'm sure you'll hunt him down. What a good list of interesting happenings. I can't believe you saw a sturgeon - that is cool. Catch him too.