Sunday, August 19, 2007

A few more pics from this weekend. I landed 2 fish friday, KB got another two but my client Chris couldn't get a solid hookup. He has some nice takes and near misses and overall, I think he enjoyed carp fishing. Chris and I will get back out together soon I hope.

Saturday was a good day for fish numbers, and we only fished until about 2-230. I landed 10 or 12, with KB and my dad both landing 4 or 5 fish each. The average size was 8 1/2 to 9 lbs and the big fish of the day was a 12 lber.

My dad had a few shots at some bigger fish, a really nice fish in the mid to high teens range, and a beautiful mirror carp that was only about 10 feet away, and had to be in the low teens. He just couldn't get a take though. We did see a few fish that might have gone 20 lbs, but they spooked before we got clean shots at them.

Great weekend of carp fishing with good friends and family!


zonker said...

Good to see you fishing again, John. Enjoyed your post.


Anonymous said...

Nice fish, nice pics!