Sunday, February 03, 2008

The winter here has seemingly lasted forever. My last carp outing on the Columbia seems like years ago, and it has been a long time since I felt that adreline rush, heart pumping moment seconds before a carp inhales your fly. Elia and I headed out today, mainly just to walk around the pond but I was secretly hoping to at least see some fish active. We walked about 50 feet and I spotted a fish, which had me sprinting for the car to rig up my 6 weight. Of course, as quick as I was (and anyone who fishes with me can attest to how quickly I go from pulling up to the spot, to putting a fly in the water!) that fish was long gone. Still, we walked around the pond, and somehow spotted 4-5 more fish in the murk and mud.

Tough conditions, and I never could make out much more than shadows or a tail here and there. Still, I should have nailed at least one of the fish. I put the fly in the right spot, but the fish were extremely lethargic, and I only thought "he took it!" once...and that was a whiff. What a 90 minutes of excitement though! Just stalking around, fly rod in hand and enough fish around to keep the eagle eyes active. I'll be watching for sun breaks every weekend, and I might just get a February carp.

Elia had a blast despite one slip in the mud. She carried the net and told me I'm still a good fisherman, even though I didn't catch anything today. I asked if she was ready to go home at one point, and she responded "I'm reluctant to leave all of these fish!" Yep...that's my girl!


Ezza said...

Glad to see you got to get out with Elia this weekend. I think I spent all weekend in the house due to the weather. Riley sees rain and says, "No. Wet. Guck."
Happy Monday! :)

Wendy Berrell said...

"I'm reluctant to leave all these fish..." Wow. That is indeed your girl!

Sounds like a nice little trip. Go get a winter carp.

I'm scoping Sunday.

zonker said...

Oh for the take of a hungry fish and the zipping line and screaming reel. These winter months are hard. Every ten degree warmup makes me want to get out there.

Wendy Berrell said...

Thermometer reads -4.5 F right now. F*** dude. Spring wind, please come.