Sunday, June 22, 2008

Missed him:


kais4795 said...

There is not much better than the setting the hook on a big carp! Awesome video and sweet blog. I love catching carp on the fly. Keep the great posts coming.

Anonymous said...

John still pouts after all these years and get exasperated easily!the Reel John Montana

Anonymous said...

That's a nice little video, John.
Great stalk !! A hook-point is not a
very discriminating thing. Sometimes
it just doesn't find the best place
to plant itself.

zonker said...

I always enjoy your blog, John. Great video.

Wendy Berrell said...

It seems like whenever the vid is pulled out, you do something cool.

Nice work by the videographer, BTW.

John Montana said...

It would have been cool if I have hooked up a little more solid! Good work on the camera J.

FYI, i founda 4 gig card on sale for $25 at best buy, so I can now take a 100 minutes of video on my pentax. that should have our next trip covered.