Sunday, July 13, 2008

Just got back from a day and a half of fishing with my dad. Elia made the drive with me and we stayed in my parents RV. Elia had a great time with Grandma (I think my mom is exhausted) and I had a lot of fun fishing with Dad. Too tired for a full on report, but in short...the fishing was great. I caught somewhere between 40-50 carp total, my dad landed 15-20. He got big fish of the trip honors with an 18 lb pig...his biggest ever fish on a fly rod! I landed 2 fish over 16 lbs, and one at 15...most of the fish were typical 7-9 lbers. As usual, some stunning takes, and some takes so subtle you had to be on your game to hook them. Great are some pictures!

Love the shot of my dad trying to net his fish for the "double" photo. Keep in mind that I had to set the camera, hit the button and run back to get my fish out of the net for the photo. All dad had to do was hang onto his fish! He dropped it and scrambled up stabbing after it with the net. Pretty funny. He nailed it though! Gotta give him credit for that. The next photo went a little better.

Congrats on that 18 lber dad...beautiful fish!


Keith said...

What are your go to flies for carp? I just recently found a tank near my house that has tons - last night they were tailing and cruising the top. I tried 5 different flies - had one follow, but no takes.

Unknown said...

looks like the reel john montana showed you that he had what it takes with that 18 lb pig.

you make this stuff look so easy.

Wendy Berrell said...

Great outing. Wish I'd been there. In fact I've been wishing I LIVED at that flat lately. We have nothing like that, anywhere near here.

Looks like your dad had a great time. Congrats on the good fish.

Paul Huffman said...

Where were you fishing? That flat way out east?

Anonymous said...

I thought that was a great picture of the "master" with cat-like reflexes grabbing the net and getting the fish back!

the Reel John Montana