Saturday, December 03, 2011

Same Fish?

With my wife out of town I am catching up on some blogs.  Fontinalis Rising just caught two fish on consecutive days that may have been the same fish...reminded me of these two:
I weighed this fish at the time (21 lbs according to my log), took the picture and kept fishing.  A few hours later, and about a mile away I caught this guy.
Again, weighed the fish and took a picture.  When I got home and was writing things down and looking at pictures I realized it was the same fish.
Who says carp are smart?


Stealth said...

No one said they are attractive either. That's an ugly looking carp.

Unknown said...

As noted, my sons and I fish a local pond where the carp become stupid on bread fed to geese and ducks for a few weeks. One son tells me of a fish just released that swam away in sight to take the same sunk bread fly again within minutes. We take our carpin very seriously and I've no reason to doubt him. This is small water and good numbers of fish are brought to hand so I've wondered about this myself. So sure, absolutely, it could have happened to you and others.

McTage said...

That is crazy. Why you gotta go picking on the poor mutated one!? Of course I did cast to and catch the poor bugger without a face while I was there so I can't talk.

John Montana said...

The no face carp. NASTY. I still cannot believe you put a fly on that thing. It made me want to throw up. Wonder how it got that injury.

Gregg said...

Sorry about 2 posts, I don't know what I'm doing online half the time. I am always up to catching the village idiot when it comes to carp. That no face carp? Those guys live in water where they are subjected to things dissolved that would kill other fish. Who knows?


McTage said...

Not sick enough that you werent able to stand up, turn around and stick that 33 pounder while I was trying to get the hook out though! Gregg - faceless as in cut-off right in front of the eyes (but still somehow eating) Pretty sure it was probably a boat-prop.

Gregg said...

I stand corrected. Seen some amazing injuries in all manner of fishes, but that sounds very bad. Poor bugger, still eating, tough as nails, got to love 'em.