Sunday, April 15, 2012

Back in the saddle again

Sort of. The water is too cold, and there is too much of it so the fish simply are not where I want them to be...but they are still out there.

This girl tipped the scales at just over 17 lbs...much fatter and better shoulders than she looks in that picture. The take was painfully perfect. The soft hackle drifted to the bottom just inches in front and to the left of her head and with an ever so subtle turn she picked it up.

I got to fish with my friend David today, always a good time. David is a perfect companion for a day like today, because we spent more time driving and looking without fly rods in hand than we did stalking through the water. Eventually we found some areas that were warm enough, and got down to some carping.

Today was all about the soft hackle. Between the two of us we landed about 14-15 carp, all on green soft hackles. A few big fish were spotted, but as usual, the big ones got away. Most of the fish were 10 lbers, with a few 13s and 14s thrown in there. With the water so high, we both felt like we came out of today pretty well.

Big thanks to David for heading out on a wild goose chase in crappy conditions and being patient enough to stick with it until we found a few fish. Any day in the water is a good day, but good company and a little carp action never hurts!




testflycarpin said...

I am so freaking jealous. All kidding aside though, sounds like a great day, can't wait to be there. Just broke out the soft-hackle myself for the first time in a while this weekend and was not dis-apointed.

Ty said...

Came out of the day pretty well?? Yeah, I'd say. Friggin' awesome, dude.

Gregg said...

Nice outing and super fish. You get what you are willing to work for.


Gregg said...

Furthermore, you have to have complete confidence in your fly. I honestly believe that through your terminal connection the carp senses doubt, insecurity, and timidness that leaves the fish confused. Thus flies we all have and rely upon. Assuming a good presentation of course.


Pete said...

Springtime, John Montana is crushing big fish and all is right with the world again

Unknown said...

I was already wanting to get out this weekend to do some warmwater fishing. Now I think I have to.