Sunday, March 17, 2013



I have been looking for a good panfish location for the kids for years. It is just tough to find really good panfish in my neck of the woods. A few years ago I found a great pond, but it was private and despite my best charm, I got denied permission to fish it. Today, on a whim I stopped back by and this time got the green light to let my kids flail away and try to catch a few panfish.

Despite the cold, it worked out pretty well! We managed 3 crappie and 3 bluegill in just about an hour of fishing. Big thanks to the owners for putting some smiles on my kids faces, we will be back for certain. When the ware warms a bit. This was the first outing with their new flyrods, and the kids did great.

They struggled a bit with their casting, which is to be expected, but both got enough line out there to catch a few fish...and they loved the experience! Note the purple rod? Yeah, Elia digs that.

All in all a nice outing, and a great find. Now we need a little sun!




Feather Chucker said...

That's cool. I wish more owners were open to this. People with kids would even pay to fish these ponds.

cofisher said...

Good on you for taking the kids out for panfish. And there will be no carp jokes.

Gregg said...

That was great John! Your kids could handle a carp if they hooked up! Crappie are striking, good for them!


Mr. P. said...

Good for you dad!

Chris said...

Love to see this stuff John.