Saturday, February 08, 2014


Yeah...not my favorite season. For the record, I had been zipping along, staying busy with family, work, and life and it was starting to look like the carping season would be here before I could blink. Then the snow came. Portland was buried in the stuff...and just like that the season that seemed just a few weeks away was swept under a blanket of cold white stuff. Yuck.

We did have some fun the last couple of days:

Sorry for the radio silence of late. I haven't fished since October, but should get after some steelhead soon at a minimum. I got hit in our annual neighborhood Turkey Bowl this year and ended up with a broken nose, concussion, and the worst part, some nerve damage in my right shoulder. Been rehabbing and I am good to go and ready to chase some fish. Soon...even if I have to brave the snow.

Spring, despite how it looks in my front just around the corner.


Christopher Pepe said...

steelhead, not unless we get some rain. It's been rough out there. I've heard of some success but only by much better fishermen than I am.

testflycarpin said...

Now that is a snowman!!!!

Chris said...

Great looking family you have there John! Hope things keep on the up and up with the injuries.

trashfisher said...

Nice 'to hear you are feeling up for going fishing. Turkey bowling is a contact sport!

CARF said...

Awesome snowman! Hope you recover fast and are able to chase some fish!

Wendy Berrell said...

Four snow plows I hear.

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