Monday, March 31, 2014

Fiberglass fun

Ona particularly great mail day a few weeks ago I found an Orvis Superfine Glass 5 weight on my doorstep. Thanks again Orvis! I have played with glass on and off over the years, but this is my first "modern" glass rod, and I was eager to get it out on the water. Granted, a five weight is a little light for big river fish, but I planned to hit the slough and some ponds and best up on some smaller carp. Well, you know what they say about the best made plans? Of course I couldn't resist casting to this big female when I saw her, laid up with two other big fish and seemingly just chilling. I laid a hybrid about three inches in front of her face, saw the gills flare and it was off to the races.

It got a little complicated here. I had an Orvis CFO reel, just a perfect little click and pawl, but not especially suited to stopping a 22 lb carp. I palmed the reel and watched the rod flex all the way to the cork as I attempts to steer the big girl out of a pile of sticks and a downed tree. It was quickly apparent that I wasn't going to force this fish to turn, so I switched it up and tried a little reverse psychology. I flipped the rod over and tried to pressure the fish toward the sticks, and miraculously, she swam away from them into open water. A few minutes later Travis slid the net under this beautiful fish.

After some celebration, we kept looking and in no time Travis had dropped a hybrid in from of this nice 16 lb athlete. Great early season fish for Travis!

As always, it was great fishing with Travis. We have been out together twice already this year, and hopefully can keep that going. Travis knows his stuff and is one of the best carp fisherman I know. He had two good looks at a mid 20s fish that just didn't eat on this trip, but next time out he will stick that monster!


A word on the Superfine...FUN! That really is the best possible way to describe this rod. It is an absolute joy to cast and to fight fish. I had no trouble casting a two fly rig and the rod handled the smaller fish just fine. I have landed around 35 carp on the rod so far and absolutely intend to find ways to keep fishing it, but when it comes time to hunt big river gravel bar fish I will bust out the heavy artillery and go H2 and Mirage reel. The Superfine forced me to slow down, relax, and enjoy the process as much as the result. I think occasionally we forget that part of least I do and the last two outings have been a great reminder. This rod is meant to be fished and enjoyed, and I intend to do both as often as possible.


The Great Lakes of NYC said...

I own an old Orvis (Full Flex) 8 wt glass fly rod. Normally I use it to cast big bass flies. I still fish glass fly rods for carp. Glass is not dead!

Gregg said...

I agree with Bill, though I'm afraid to use my older glass rods inherited from my father. Awesome, all of it, your fishing, the # of fish, the size.


Christopher Pepe said...

I have a sweet $20 glass rod from my dad. Never any fear in using that. Yesterday I caught my first carp on the fly. I love this fish-thanks for all the advice you've published!

Unknown said...

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