Sunday, May 11, 2014

Grab YourFly Charters

Yep...fantastic name. Danny and I got out again today, this time with Austin from Grab Your Fly Charters. The target today, a little urban, lake MI carp. I love getting out on lake MI, mostly because the carp out there tend to be neat eaters...they hunt flies down and kill them. Pretty cool.

Today was tough though. Despite great conditions, the carp were in a weird mood. Call it angler error...Austin found carp (big ones) and we spent hours slinging everything imaginable at them, with none to hand. Danny picked up a nice quill back, and late in the day I busted out a hybrid and managed to get a quill back to hand. I also stuck a total Hail Mary carp...minutes to go, I fed a carp a hybrid by drifting it in some current...instant backing. Unfortunately, I had gone down to 2 x, and likely nicked my leader somewhere along the line. As the backing was flying, the leader broke and there is a lake MI carp swimming around with a hybrid in its mouth right now.


All in all another great day with fly rod in hand. I am pretty amazed by the two unique, and fantastic fisheries these guys showed me just outside of Chicago. Crazy stuff...if you are ever in the Windy City, bring a fly rod!






Christopher Pepe said...

Do you leave your barbs on? I've started pinching all of mine down since every carp I've hooked absolutely buried the hook in their maw and I have the hardest time getting it out without taking a piece of flesh. I haven't lost a fish yet on barbless but don't put up the numbers you do either.

Unknown said...

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