Sunday, March 08, 2015

Back in the saddle

Sorry for the long drought...truth is I have been too busy to write, too busy to fish, too busy to do much of anything really. Got a nice vacation with the family in there this winter and caught a beast of a speckled trout thanks to Willy Le of Native Fly Charters, but overall I have just been working and hanging out with the kids. Oh, and playing Pickleball. Sure sign that I am getting old.

Felt young today though! Last year I had some epic early season success, and I have a hunch I can duplicate that again this year should I choose too. I have a couple of early season spots that are easy money, and broke forty twice in March in 2014. I could have done so again today, but I hate one of those spots. The bottom is soft, the water dirty, and the fish are lethargic and not very big. Still, it is a h ck of an icebreaker after a long, cold winter and I stuck 9 fish there this morning. Enough to feel good, and open up an afternoon of exploration and hunting. Leaving a sure thing paid off with the 21 lb beast pictured above.

All told I landed 16 carp. One monster, and several really nice fish. The 21 was a memorable take. She was tailing actively in waist deep water and all I could see was her tail and a mud cloud. I dropped my hybrid rig into position and did a slow count to 6 to let the flies hit bottom. I counted one more in my head, and as I said "seven" I lifted the rod, figuring the fly had been in the perf ft spot and she wouldn't need long to slurp it up. I guessed right, came tight and battled that fish with 2x tippet and a 5 wt superfine fiberglass rod. I was pretty fortunate to land her, and will probably put the glass away early this year. I took a beating today.

I had one other big fish eat, but she destroyed me quickly, diving into some branches...I had no chance with my gear of choice today. All in all, an outstanding first day to the 2015 season. All 16 fish ate a standard green hybrid, not one fish on the worm today. They dig that stupid fly.

More to come...the season has begun!


Cut-Throat said...

Yup, too busy to even notice the Permit I caught on Friday!

John Montana said...

Show me! That is my dream fish!

Cut-Throat said...

It's on Facebook

RM Lytle said...

That's a great fish. 16, man that's better then I did all last year. You sure have some great water to fish.

Unknown said...

Damn I'm jealous. I went out after bass this weekend. But that was fun too. Just not as fun as sight fishing for 20lbers!

Gregg said...

Gee John,

"Bottom is soft, water is dirty,...," that is my life with the difference the great carpin you have. You did well with your gear and instinct I'd say. I guess it's all relative.


Unknown said...

How big a fish!Equip yourself with massive fly rod.

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