Sunday, April 26, 2015

The hot streak continues

Wow. I have had some great carp fishing the past few years, sometimes I write about it, sometimes I don't. I have my share of bad days too, sometimes I write about those, sometimes I don't. My last two outings have been nothing short of spectacular. Insane fishing. Not only have I been able to find the fish, but they have been active...tailing aggressively, working the shallows and pockets and making obvious moves to the fly. It is this last part that is remarkable on my water. They don't often make it easy, but today the carp were very cooperative.

Today was similar to last week...big numbers and plenty of size. I landed 4 fish over 20 lbs, the largest being a 22 lb slab that ate a hybrid in skinny, skinny water. I will be seeing that take in my head for weeks. I found carp in mud, sand, cobble, just didn't seem to matter. The fish were in, and they were hungry.

The best still isn't May. This is the just Preseason!



Anonymous said...

and if my friends weren't sucked in to the Orvis Guide Rendesvous I would have been right there missing fish!
Well done John!

RM Lytle said...

Wow. What a different animal your fisheries are! I am hard pressed to get more than one fish a day on my local waters.

John Montana said...

The big c fish are tough because they don't move for a fly. I have caught carp in 9 states and find the Columbia fish to be the toughest to detect a take because of their forage (clams). They just don't move much. But...they are thick out here! I see hundreds of fish in a day, which makes up for how tough each individual can be. It is an incredible fishery.

Unknown said...

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