Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A few pics

The spring season on the Columbia has been memorable. My buddies and I have been just crushing large fish, with more 20 plus fish to hand at this point in the year than I can remember. The water has been low, and the big fish have been more accessible than most years.


Overall, the fishing has just been outstanding. With the low water, fish have been easy to spot and takes have been memorable. The catch? We are going to pay for this great fishing as the season continues. The weeds are already up and causing issues...too early for these weeds! On a recent outing with Travis, we spent the day hunting, and finding big fish. We even managed to feed a bunch of them flies, but we lost most of them to massive weedbeds. The weeds are hear to stay.


We still have months of fishing ahead of us, but the back end of July and August are going to be super tough this year. There isn't much water, and the weeds will be brutal. Get out there if you can over the next few weeks!