Sunday, April 01, 2007

A couple of belated reports, as I haven't had much of a chance to get online. I went out the other day hoping to catch the 30 minutes of sunshine at my local carp pond, but I missed the window. I still managed to see some fish, and landed two including this bigger mirror (about 8 lbs). One of the larger fish I've caught out of this pond, and one of the better fights as well. This mirror ran well into my backing on the four weight. You gotta love carp.

I snuck back out today as well, and took JJ with me for his 2nd carp outing. He seems to love the Kelty pack, but unlike Elia, who used to jabber away non stop while we were out fishing, JJ is silent the entire time. He is so enthralled by what is happening he just checks it out with big, wide eyes. Today, while I was playing a fish and it was thrashing in the shallows, he definately took notice. He grunted a bit, and started getting all excited. JJ is a pretty vocal kid (for a 7 month old!) but when he is in that backpack, he's all about soaking it in and doesn't waste any time talking! We had a great day today. I landed 5 carp. The visibility was poor, but the fish were really active and right on the shoreline. I had lots of good shots at tailers, and all the fish took my little green fly with confidence.

I ran into a kid doing some carp fishing as well. He was keeping a few and had two small ones in a bucket. He says he likes to eat the little ones, but the big ones don't taste good!

All in all a great day spent with my son. 5 carp landed, good basketball games in the afternoon, and some new memories with JJ.


bleeeeeeeeeeeeeee said...

Wendy Berrell said...

Nice report... It's great that you can get Elia and JJ out with you. You need to keep those little 2 lb carp to eat too... that's what you usually catch anyway, right? You could feed your family on those babies.

Anonymous said...

cant get the eating the carp thing im from over the pond in uk we dont eat them but like you i like taking my son who is getting the whole fishing thing