Monday, April 23, 2007

Thanks to some research by Justin of I was fortunate enough to pick up a copy of Fishing for Buffalo: A Guide to the Pursuit, Lore & Cuisine of Buffalo, Carp, Mooneye, Gar and other "Rough" Fish by Rob Buffler and Tom Dickson. I've only had the book a few hours, but I did dive right into the Chapter on carp. Outstanding work here and I'm sure as I read through the rest of the book I'll glean all kinds of helpful tips. A few quotes...

Its strength is perhaps the carp's most remarkable of many admirable features. " I would say without a doubt the carp is the strongest swimmer of the warmwater species," said Duane Shodeen, a regional fisheries manager with the Minnesota Deaprtment of Natural Resources. "Game fish aren't even close.."

And also...

To Catch a carp an angler must be diligent and fish with a light hand. It requires constant attention. This is no pike that pulls a bobber halfway across the lake or a bullhead that tugs and tugs at the bait until it impales itself on the hook. The carp is one the most intelligent fish that swims.

Good stuff throughout the chapter, and so far I've just made a quick read. I'm looking forward to going over this resource in closer detail. This book certainly looks like "must have" for carp and roughfish fisherman.

Thanks Justin for getting in touch with one of the authors, and thanks Tom Dickson for such excellent work!


Nick said...

Your blog is great and just goes to show what so many of us have always believed about carp - they are extraordinarily inteeligent!

Tight lines and I hope you get your rod repaired quickly!

Nick (UK)

Wendy Berrell said...

Glad you got the book... I'm guessing you will devour it. I'm loving more and more the non-trout world of fly fishing. Very timely too with the arrival of buffalo. I wish you could have been here for that!