Saturday, March 01, 2008

I finished tying the flies for the CAG fly swap last week, but still haven't dropped them in the mail! Just haven't had time to get to the post office. Whipping up those patterns got me back to the vice, and I had missed it. I tied about a half dozen today...a variation of Nick's Walking Hares Ear. Basically I dropped his turkey quill legs and added rubber legs. Two years ago, this fly was money out here for carp, last year, they wouldn't look at it. I tied these in size 12, with basically one purpose in mind. Watch out Buffalo! If J and I hit the Buffalo days correctly during the spring MN trip, these babies should do the trick. All the blind nymphing we've done in MN over the last couple of years have proved how effective Rubber Legged Hares Ears can be.

Looking forward to that trip.


Unknown said...

Nice looking fly John. Maybe one of these times you'll have to book an extra week on your trip and add NW MN to the fly fishing tour with Wendy. Of course we may still have ice on a lot of waters up here in late april/early may.

Wendy Berrell said...

That fly will wreck havoc in blind nymphing mode. It'd work well sight fishing too, for that matter. Really nice work.

I tied up a munchy looking pattern this weekend too - I'll try to post it later.

Anonymous said...

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Tight lines, Anatoliy