Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I read through a few pages of "Fishing for Buffalo" by Rob Buffler and Tom Dickson tonight. What an outstanding resource. For those interested in pursuiing carp, I highly recommend you track this book down.

One quote: "I would say without a doubt the carp is the strongest swimmer of the warmwater species. Gamefish aren't even close."


Wendy Berrell said...

I gotta break out that book and go through it again. Love that quote. He's right.

Need to catch some carp.

BTW - the dam where we landed that mirror is absolutely FULL, and I mean FULL, of redhorse right now. It's so thick, you would literally have a higher percent chance of snagging a fish than not.

I would have fished it a bit over lunch yesterday, but I wasn't really interested in snagging redhorse and dragging them downstream to land. The operator opened the nearest gate too, so the current is really strong in short.

Unknown said...

Totally true!

Here in the Netherlands the season start also, yihaaaaaa

Keep on posting.
Cheers, Edwin