Saturday, January 03, 2009

Three months without a post...I owe apologies to the three people that read this blog! Bottom line, life has been crazy. The kids are growing (even when they refuse to eat, they keep growing) work has been busy (Oct. was another record month) and life in general has conspired to keep me away from any water...I have not touched a fly rod, reel, vice, etc. since my last post. Ugh. I hope to change that with a trip to the Big D in Feb. to look for some blue winged olives. Chances of fishing before that hypothetical trip = 0.

I took JJ to the fly shop today and we bought some sweet looking carp flies. I'll get some pictures of the flies up here in a week or so. I also intend to hit the vice and tie up an army of SJWs, carp carrots, etc. This year I plan on starting the search for carp even earlier than I normally would. I just can't wait to get on the flats and look for tailers!

These are not the flies I bought today, but I liked the patterns (found them online...can't remember where!)


Wendy Berrell said...

Good to hear from you again. I think a lot of folks missed some carp talk during your break. I'm glad things are calming down a bit.

Cool patterns there. I think we should run with that bit about carp loving blood worms... work some different patterns for those.

I know you're jonesing for a flat... the time will be here soon enough. If we learn anything it's that the days just tick on by... March is around the corner.

texasflyfisher said...

Don't worry about us. We're fisherman which means we are a patient bunch, right? Spending time with the kids is important.

When you do have a chance, can you post photos and maybe a tying recipe for some of the flies you use like that carp carrot please? I can't seem to find a good description of it. Thanks!

Have a good one!

Ryan said...

Do you add any additional weight (beyond the bead) on those patterns?

Unknown said...

good to see you back. We'll have to get working on that fly swap we talked about.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just checking in. Glad you are keeping up on this blog. Enjoyed the pics too. Happy New Year!


4 said...

Glad to have you back! If you get a chance, can you shoot me an email? I'd love to talk to you about doing a carp class down here in Eugene.

Paul Huffman said...

I did well on steelhead on the lower John Day this year. I'm really starting ot like that river late in the year, like November and December. But this year I noticed pods of big carp as well. I talked to some fishermen from Hawaii that didn't know anything about steelhead. They knocked themselves out to sneak up on some big fish they saw,and were disappointed to find that they were carp.

I think this summer it would be fun to hit the river for a combined smallmouth and carp trip.

ncutler said...

John, Been trying to find one of your posts where you show your "carrot fly"(?).My third year of carp mania,it's consuming me even more than the trout fishing here in Montana.Tying up ALOT of new flies for this year to bolster my arsenal,would like to add your carrot fly.Thanks, Nate

Anonymous said...

saw those patterns here:

read thru your year, thanks for sharing, great pics and stories, send me an email when you have a chance, have a few questions for you :)


Anonymous said...

Always glad to see your updates, John - a hectic life is something I'm sure we all relate to and business being busy isn't all bad...

After a long dry spell without getting to fish, finally getting out there will be all the sweeter.

Teeg Stouffer

John Montana said...

sorry guys...still crazy. moved into our new house last week, boxes everywhere.

I do promise to get a picture of the montana carrot up soon. I'm tying a dozen for a fly swap as soon as I can find my vice! it is basically Mr. P's carp carrot with rubber legs and a different coloration.

Anonymous said...

Love that carp maggot...Have to try that out my way.

Anonymous said...

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