Sunday, February 14, 2010

Some more old vids/pics.


Anonymous said...

I'm getting Columbia fever!

Wendy Berrell said...

Just watched all those vids with young James. He was quite interested.

Love those two of the carp eating the SJW. I'd not seen those before.

That last one made me think back to Carp Rock - need to review that too.

Can't wait to catch a fat carp.

John Montana said...

the worm vids are cool. that was a few seasons ago. i used the gorilla pd to hook the camera to my waders when the fish were in thick. i like the reel vids too. that one with all the backing is funny because that fish was well into my backing before i put the camera on it.

Carlos Rubio said...
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Carlos Rubio said...

I also Carp Fishing, but in SPAIN, , I like to use the fly rod. I have seen there using nymphs for fishing in the river or lake bottom. In the area where I go, I have the luck that surface flies give me agreat result, especially in summer. Actually the temperature is 0 º C-15 º C in this area, and the fish are not very active. Only I can find fish in shallow water, fish seeking the sun.
Being "envy" the size of your trophies. Near my village fishs are not great, only in the south of Spain to find fish of that size, and even much higher. Regards and good fishing. Carlos Rubio.