Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blast from the past

I suppose at some point this weekend I will hit the vice and crank up the production line in preparation for warmer weather and days on the water, but part of what makes carping so great is the idea of visual memories (coined by Wendy b). Sitting in a coffee shop, listening to the kids chatter and drinking a hazelnut mocha it is pretty easy to kick back to small flashes and moments. Nothing as extravagant as a full blown movie in your mind but the details are what own you anyway. The change of color from dark to pure gold when a carp rolls on the fly, the tails breaking the surface and flapping in the breeze like the obnoxious Ducks flags flying from cars during football season, even the sudden change of direction and burst off the flat as a carp ejects your offering and beats tail for deep water. I have a million of these stored up in my head, and it is nice to take them out, dust them off and drift away for a moment. In the end though, all the past reflection leads to visions of the future, more memories to be made and friends with which to share them. You can't look back without thinking forward.

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