Sunday, February 19, 2012


I turned to move upriver just in time to see a guy leap from the truck before the driver could even squeeze it into the tiny pullout already containing my jeep. He sprinted up the road to claim the head of the pool I was clearly walking towards. A second guy leapt from the truck before the engine turned off and he promptly low-holed my buddy Scott. I stood on the bank, stunned, with no where to go but back to my jeep. I climbed the bank as the driver of the truck got out and casually strung up his Spey rod.

"Any luck?" I asked with total sincerity despite having been completely cut out of the spot we had just been fishing.

"No, and some jerkoff bait fisherman just chased us out of the run we were fishing up river!" He snarled.

I looked at his truck...CA plates. Not that that mattered.

"Yeah, it happens" I said, then I broke down my rod and Scott and I went off in search of other waters.


n.taylor said...

Kind of reminds me of fishing in Montana during high season.

Devin Angleberger said...

I have had that experience many times, and I am 15. It's a real shame, I actually recently did a post on Angler Ethics and on my blog.

Ty said...

That blows. Been there many times, man. You handled it much better than I have. Guess that's yet another reason to fish for carp. I always have the mud flats to myself.

Devin Angleberger said...

Oh yeah, we do not have many Carp flats here in Mid-Maryland. Only the lakes which can be crowded at sometimes. When i do fish for Carp it is usually in a place where everyone is walking around or jogging or biking...well in a a park because those are the only locations that have 'em mostly. But you can never get rid of "those" people.

Unknown said...

Welcome to steelhead season. Ugh.

Gregg said...

Seems you had a similar thing involving drift boats. I am not one to suffer fools, I'd have once again become immature and maybe not regretted it. Idiots have messed with me too many times, especially the all mighty trout crowd.


Wendy Berrell said...

So you didn't handle it in fashion similar to what we (or maybe I) used when that tournament SMB boat cut us off on a carp flat.

Makes me further appreciate SE MN. It's not that bad here, in general.