Monday, February 18, 2013

Contest time!

I had a pretty good fishing, but a good time back home in MT. With that in mind, time for a contest. Will keep this pretty simple and use the Facebook page to facilitate. No fancy prizes unfortunately, but who doesn't like free stuff? Even if it is only a dozen flies (assorted) tied by a hack like me? Go to the Facebook page to play, but the rules are:

1) Post a carp picture to my page, anything goes as long as it is related to fly fishing for carp.

2) Spread the word, make it a good photo and get as many "likes" as you can

3) My wife will choose one winner, from the three pictures with the most "likes."

4) Contest ends Sunday evening when it is convenient for my wife...winner will be announced Sunday evening.

5) Winner gets a dozen flies...I will put in an assortment of the stuff I fish. I know this isn't much of a prize, but mostly I just want to see a ton of great carping photos!

Spread the word! It is mid February, spring is a long ways away and I want to see some photos!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hi John.

What's Facebook? I'm an old boy remember, just getting over bamboo!

But I will still send a picture if I can to your site?

Best Wishes.