Sunday, March 19, 2006

Elia and I went for a walk today today, and of course I brought the fly rod! Unfortunately Elia wasn't in the mood for the backpack, so I didn't get the chance to use the flyrod. We went to a lake I know in search of a monster koi that might go 20 lbs. It has been too cold for a few months for him to be out and about, but we found him today! That fish is an absolute beast! Elia and I followed him around the lake a few times, watching the ducks and nutria swim around. Along with that massive koi we saw tons of carp, most looked to be about 8-10 lbs, but there were several larger fish in the mix, as well as a few little ones. After Elia got tired I took her home and put her down for a nap. Kelly came back a few minutes later and could see the carp-crazed look in my eyes! I quickly threw my rod in the car and rushed off to the lake.

The fish were still there, and for a couple of hours I threw flies at carp in various states. Some were cruising fast, and not interested, others seemed to be sunning, and were equally tough. Eventually I spotted a couple of slow movers and got a couple to look at the fly. I missed at least one or two of these fish before hooking up on a gold ribbed hares ear. After a couple of nice runs I got the chance to test out my new net. It works well, and the fish weighed in at 7 lbs. At this point the big koi still hadn't shown up, so I kept at it. Just a few minutes later I managed to hook a really nice fish that took me into my backing not once, but twice! My Hardy was screaming, and I drew quite a crowd of dog walkers as the fish kept screaming out into the middle of the lake. After a prolonged battle with a full audience, I managed to bring the fish to net. He weighed in at 9 lbs and fell victim to a rubber legged hare's ear. A father and his two young girls walked down to the edge of the lake to check out the fish.

As I stood there retying some knots I looked up just in time to spot the big koi. He came floating into the area I was fishing. I quickly finished my knot and made one false cast well to the side of the fish to check line distance...He bolted out of there like I jabbed him with a stick. That was it for the day, one shot, and I never even got the fly to the water.

I'll get that fish eventually. It was good to see my backing today!


Wendy Berrell said...

Glad you got out... great fish. You've really got carp mastered - nice work.

I hope we can find some around here.

Anonymous said...

I am ready to go carp fishing