Wednesday, March 15, 2006

It has been entirely too long since I've taken a serious fishing trip. I'm sure my skills are eroded, my knots not as tight, and fly line coiled beyond belief. I need to get out on the water soon! This weekend is the start of the NCAA Tournament, so even if the opportunity to spend some time on the water presents itself, I'll be hard pressed to get too far from the basketball games. I enjoy the tournament every year, and look forward to watching Duke and Gonzaga play (hopefully for several rounds each!) Once the tournament ends, I'll have to find some time to get out on the water. Carp, Trout, this point I'll chase anything that can bend a flyrod! I am finding myself missing some of the beautiful water of the Deschutes. This picture of Chris with a beautiful redside is a good reminder of how special this river truly is.

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Wendy Berrell said...

You're very fortunate to be so near such a great river... I have some amazing pictures to go along with my memories from 2003 - maybe I'll do a little tribute in anticipation of this year's trip out there.