Monday, March 20, 2006

So this morning I get out of the shower and I'm getting dressed over by the closet. Elia comes running into the room, sees me and turns and bolts back out of the room. I can hear her in her bedroom opening and closing drawers, and she suddenly come flying back into our bedroom laughing madly. In her hand she had two hairclips, that she proudly showed me. I knelt down and she tilted her head toward me so that I could put the clips into her hair. Once in place she turned and sprinted back out of the bedroom gleefully chirping:

"yaya pretty...yaya pretty..."

What a great start to the day!

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Anonymous said...

What a precious story, John. Keep writing them, as years down the road, as much as you want to think of them, they will be hard to remember. What a good daddy you are; I am so proud of you. Elia is a lucky, lucky little girl to have you and Kelly...
Love you,