Saturday, April 29, 2006

Elia and I got out carping this morning for a few hours. We showed up at the pond and this crazy guy was already there fishing it! Kim is a friend of mine, and yesterday he caught his first carp on the fly, so he was back at it this morning looking for number 2! Most of the fish were spawning, so while we saw a ton of fish, they were not really interested in eating. Eventually I found some feeding fish, and caught two right away. I moved back around the pond to join Kim and he picked up this nice 5 lb fish on a hares ear. Carp number two for Kim! I ended up catching two more, one a tiny little common, the second a beautiful 5lb black and orange koi. Kim took a picture of the koi for me, and I'll post it when I have it.

Elia had a great time as usual, laughing at the ducks and trying to jump in the pond whenever I would net a fish. Good to see Kim out there this morning, and tomorrow Kim, myself and DRBFISH are heading to Sauvie's Island for some carp action. Should be a good day if the weather is nice!

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