Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I struggle to take good pictures of flies, but here are a few of the rubber legged hare's ear I have been using. This one is tied in olive, but I tie them in a variety of colors. My favorite colors are olive, tan, and rust. I like the white legs because I can see the fly easier, making strike detections much simpler.


Wendy Berrell said...

So they take something that big, with protruding legs? Cool fly - thanks for the pics. I saw a fly in a magazine the other day that used vinyl rib for "rubber legs" - could it be more durable? It is definitely easier to tie in knots - for hoppers, etc.

Nice vise too...

John Montana said...

those flies are a 10 and a 12. i fish them as small as 14. the white rubber legs really help spot the fly, and the fish seem to react well to this pattern.

i would stick to rubber for legs...more motion than vinyl.

Aaron said...


I stumbled across your blog the other day and I have to say congrats on the highway cone.

Second I want to thank you for posting the flies you are catching fish on. I just started carp fishing in the last month (just found them in a nearby lake while taking my 2 yr old son picnicing) and found some BIG grass carp. I have hooked 2, but landed 0. I am still debating fly selection for them.

I don't know of anyone has passed on this tip, but if you are looking for a cheap lifetime supply of rubber legs, go no further than your local walmart. 1 bungee cord can supply a ton of rubber legs. Just slit it open and cut to length. You can dye them any color by breaking open a sharpie and dropping it and the legs into a container of warm water. Sharpies are also great for banding the legs.

Thanks again for the postings.

Aaron Young
South Carolina

John Montana said...

thanks for the tip aaron...hope you get those grass carp! since starting to fish for carp last year, i have abandoned trout/steelhead and salmon. carp a unique challenge, and a lot of fun.

i'm working on grass carp next, so any fly tips you come up with would be appreciated...thanks for the congrats on highway cone...really had to work for that monster!

Anonymous said...