Tuesday, April 18, 2006

If any of you out there live around Portland, you know how beautiful the weather was today. After a rough couple of weeks in the office, I just couldn't pass the chance to leave early and chase some carp. This lake is fast becoming my go to spot. It is close to the house, and has some really nice size fish in it...and of course there is Highway Cone. Someday I'll get that monster. Today was good...hooked 3 fish, only landed the one but it was another pig of a carp, that pushed 20 lbs easily. This fish was as big around as a volleyball.

As always, the takes are the most memorable parts of carp fishing (though one fish went into my backing not once, but twice! On his second run down the bank he got so much line out it got all tangled in the bankside vegetation, and he got loose. So it goes...) Today this big boy took the fly perfectly. I dropped it about 1 foot ahead of him, he mosied up and tipped down. I never saw the mouth open, but what a moment when you know he took it, and gently apply the pressure to set the hook in solid. Great fish, and once again I had help (this time from an older gentleman) with the net and camera.

All three fish were hooked on a size 14 rubber legged hare's ear. One took the fly with him, but I have more, and will mass produce these babies! Highway Cone made his usual appearance, but at this point, he just laughs at my feeble attempts and sad looking flies. I've got a plan for him now though...

What a splendid day.

One other item of note...I have GOT to get that 4 wt out of the car. That thing is going to be carp kindling any day now.


Wendy Berrell said...

Great fish. Post a picture of that rubber legged HE, if you can give it up... otherwise send it to me.

Does the 4 wt have a lifetime warranty?

I might try for carp on Friday AM. What is best time of day to go after them?

Wendy Berrell said...
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John Montana said...

i don't think time of day is terribly important J. i just go when i can, and when the sun is out. the number one factor for me is visibility.

i'll try to get a pic of the fly up tonight.

Wendy Berrell said...

Because I can't see in the Cannon (at all) I might try nymphing with an indicator. However, I'll probably start with small streamers in an attempt to locate the white bass.