Sunday, October 07, 2012


My daughter Elia is alway up for an adventure. She is intrigued to simply wander the wilds and look around, content to get dirty, muddy, and wet. That is a quality that you can't teach, but you can certainly enjoy. She doesn't get tired, or bored, or crave more stimulation. As my wife says, she spends most of that time in her own head, marveling and deciphering the world around.

She is going to be a lights out fisherman. The process intrigues her, and she already understands that there are places fish like to be, and places they don't. Frequently, I can see her puzzling out why (she never asks, and I never offer) as she knows the fish will be on the soft side of the current seam, but doesn't quite know why. She will get there in her own time, and pushing her or telling her would take away the magic of the discovery...and she adores the magic.

She said to me today: "My hook is getting weeds on it, but that is good. Fish like to be near the weeds." The fishing isn't the end of it for Elia though. She loves the life of the woods and river. We carry a small net, and bucket on all of our trips. She always spends time in the shallows splashing around, looking in the rocks and the dirt...collecting mushrooms, branches, flowers, and anything else that catches her eye for our "nature table" back at the house. Today it was a cluster of mushrooms and a walking stick that we added to our haul for the walk out.

Everything seems fresh with Elia at your side.



amanda said...

I absolutely love it. Her passion & interest.. and your philosophy in letting her learn, hands on, mind open. If our families lived a little nearer, I think Elia & Johnathan & Lilly would likely be the best of nature friends. :)

Gregg said...

I don't know Amanda, but if my grandson William was included it could become a fearsome team of forever fishermen friends. Got to love kids fishing, and adults letting them learn it all. Good job John.


Unknown said...

How cute. Makes me actually consider having kids!

John Montana said...

Thanks everyone...Elia is something else. JJ loves it all too, but in a different way.

Wendy Berrell said...

Nice outing here.

That looks like a creek chub. A big one. Izaak Walton would appreciate.