Thursday, October 04, 2012

Sundog Glasses

Not a full review here, but as a new member of the Carp Pro pro staff, I got a pair of Sundog glasses in the mail the other day. Glasses are by far the most important piece of gear that I own...if I can't see the fish, I sure as hell can't catch it. These Sundog shades have a new Mela-lens that sounded pretty interesting on the website, and I was excited to give them a shot on the carp flats. Long story made short...we might have something here. The clarity is excellent, but what I really noticed was how well the colors stood out. Spotting color is a huge key for me. When I am looking for carp I first look for that a dark, gold, or tan color in the water. Second, I look for shape. That is pretty much it. I spot color at a distance, and look for angles that turn into fish prior to casting. Armed with those concepts and a good pair of polarized glasses, I am pretty deadly on a least in spotting fish. Spotting them doesn't really mean much, other than more chances at frustration and misery punctuated by occasional bouts of glory. Back to the glasses...the colors stood out. Hard to really describe what that means, and I clearly need more research (or so I tell my wife) but I am pretty excited to try these suckers out in lower light and cloudy conditions this spring.

Big thanks to Sundog and Carp Pro for the glasses. I plan on getting in more research soon and will report back.



Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

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Gregg said...

What color are they? You've said your preference before but I've forgotton. I do well at high sun with grey coccoons but am amazed how dark things seem early.