Thursday, October 25, 2012


I went salmon fishing today. Burned up half a day off at work to wade the river and throw yarn flies at coho.


The fishing sucked. No elaboration needed. My heart wasn't in it. I left early and went home to see the family.

It is good to be home.


Ty said...

That's great! Man, to be a kid again.

Gregg said...

Love the tramp photos! Was working in my garden out of sight of ours once when I heard a loud "SNAP" and then the wailing began from my oldest son. He'd fallen on his right arm and the bone broke with a compound fracture on his forearm. Not a warning, don't get me wrong, just a memory your picture brought up. I shudder still when I think of that.


amanda said...

With the title "bust" and a photo of a kid in air upside down.. your friend Gregg's comment is just what I was afraid to read in the text! We've got a kid here with a bone broken in half right now, so I must be a little paranoid. :)