Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day One

Day one on the big C with Dan Frasier of Carp Pro is in the books. In a word...tough. Dan got a pretty good ass whooping for most of the day, with fish either refusing, or taking the fly so subtly that hooks ups were rare. By late in the day things started to come together. We walked a stretch in the fading light that gave up some fish, including a painfully perfect presentation by Dan on a tailer. The flies fell perfectly, and when the fish made a two inch head turn Dan stuck him like a big C veteran. The day also included a fantastic shot at a heavily feeding 25+ lb fish...quite a sight, but no joy. I will let Dan tell that story.

Fish were caught, memories were stored. Day two tomorrow. Pray for sun for us.




testflycarpin said...

I will do a sun-dance.

CARF said...

Great post, and pictures! Look at those lucious lips! ha

Gregg said...

Yes, sunny side up is best. Good luck now. Bully for the both of you!