Friday, May 24, 2013

Day two

Fished with Mr. P, legendary carper. A good time was had by all...including the fish who managed to avoid most of our hooks by hiding in the glare provided by the "devil" clouds. Always good to fish with Jim. Bottom line...we are seeing fish, and sticking a few. I think Dan might like the big C.




igquick said...

that's insane! nice fish!

So how much for them flies?

cofisher said...
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cofisher said...

I just wanted to stop by and wish you a good holiday weekend John. I'm on a three day quest to land my first.

Gregg said...

Good job to you all. Nice and colorful fish. Clouds are not uncommon to Portland?, I would guess good days are outnumbered.


John Montana said...

Go get em Howard! Let me know how it goes. flies are far too crappy to sell, but Catch is producing the Hybrid so you can buy that one soon. I will try to find time to tie and get you a few.

Gregg, the clouds are a normal issue, I just always dream of full sunshine when there are visitors!