Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

My dad proudly served with Apache Troop, 1st of the 9th in Vietnam. "Bloody Bart" was a hero not only to me, my sisters and my mom but to his beloved brother's in arms. Memorial Day meant something to him as it should to us all. Thank you to all the Veterans out there...thank you for your courage, your service and your sacrifice. Many of you helped bring my dad home safe all those years ago, a fact he reminded me about every Memorial Day. Thanks for all that you do.

We miss you every day dad.


Gregg said...

Great picture of your Father. Great post-may we never forget.


Mr. P. said...

Good picture of the "real John Montana". I like the ones of him holding a Carp like a guitar too.

And certainly, may we always remember.

Carp Aficionado said...

Well said John.

Unknown said...

I was first amazed by the heroic stories of "Bloody Bart" when reading about your Dad in Jerry Boyle's book Apache Sunrise. Then got to know the man behind the legend with oru email correspondance over the years. Your Dad was a hero. But I really enjoyed getting to know the man behind the legend. He always spoke so warmly and proudly of you John.
Your dad was in my thoughts this weekend

JM said...

The Arlington photo is excellent. The worldly remains of both my parents rest there. During my father's funeral, I was "emotionally" OK. They performed the rifle-salute, and I was still OK.
But then the wind blew the gunsmoke to me ... one whiff and I was a mess.
Hallowed ground ? You bet your bippy.