Sunday, May 31, 2015

Clouds are the devil

You cannot underestimate the importance of direct sunlight when chasing carp on the fly. Today, Teri, Ross and I stalked the flats of the big C with zero light. It was rough. Fish were caught, but when you can't see the fish week, getting any semblance of numbers on the board is tough. On the big C...inches make the difference between and eat, and an ignore. Despite the challenges, we all stuck some fish!

But really, who cares about numbers when the weather is warm and company is good. Fishing with Teri and Ross is always a pleasure. They are both expert anglers who are out there for one have fun! We enjoyed the little moments today, and it was fantastic.

Oh...and the "guide" even got a fish or two as well.




Ross said...

Teri and I had a fun day. Thanks! I still can't believe the proportions of that sow you caught....

Unknown said...

That was such a fatty! What a great day on the C.

RM Lytle said...

Nice. That last one has a belly!

Unknown said...

Loved the article. It’s the little things. Please select good fly rod

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