Sunday, May 24, 2015

Quick outing

I owe a big report on the trip with Cam, Wendy, Dan, Trevor and Travis...but I just haven't had time to write it. Too many things happening at work and home, will get something together soon.

Had to put up a few photos of today's outing though. Elia and I wet waded some river, and it was stupid fun. She fell in several times, the wind was up and water cold but Elia is a trooper. She just loves being out there, and isn't bothered but crap like cold water. She laughs, nets fish, fights fish, digs in the mud and is just a phenomenal companion.

She was soaked all day, and not one word of complaint. Instead, I got to hear her talk about all sorts of stuff, and come up with creative names like "fishfish" and "Mr. Fishy" as we landed carp after carp. No twenties today, one nice 18 lber but I laughed my ass off all day long.

We even got close enough for her to see a couple of eats, which she thought was really awesome. Fantastic day on the water with my little girl.