Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Dr. Cane

The good Dr. took to carping in about...ten minutes.

I think that is how long we walked the flats before he got his first really good look at a carp. It went something like this:

Me: thirty feet up, tailing, head facing us and 45 degrees toward shore. Put the fly about six inches in front and 4 inches to the side.

Dr. Cane: where is he?

Me: right there (pointing rod).

Dr. Cane: got him (makes cast and the fly lands 6 inches in front and 4 inches to the side of the tailing fish.)

Me: wait for him...wait...set!

Bingo. Done deal and the carp came to hand moments later. The bottom line is that Dr. Cane can flat out cast. He absolutely peppered carp with accurate casts. It was a sight to watch. Granted, it took him a while to decipher the takes but that masked man can put the fly where he wants it.

Very enjoyable to fish with the guy, but he made me feel bad with my broomstick casting and clumsy line skills. Dr. Cane is pure poetry with a flyrod. We had an amazing time and got into plenty of fish. I am pretty sure we have a convert now. Chris was a great sport, even willing to literally swim the river with me to get to one area I wanted to check out. Superb caster, willing swimmer...and he brought me some sweet hooks. Nice.

The only bummer was the lack of truly huge fish. I landed two over 18 and Dr. Cane got a 15 but the 20s eluded us. Chris put a hook in one (stupid weeds) and I beached one only to have the fly pop put and not be quick enough to pounce on it before it bolted from the shallows. Still, some great fishing.

We both caught some mirrors, and the takes were fantastic. Dr. Cane had one in particular that was awesome. He had a fish all lit up and poking around for his fly, but we kept missing the take. On the third cast the fly fell perfectly, just slightly to the side and the fish turned, opened it's mouth wide and sucked it in. Fish on. Awesome.

Truly a great time. I am looking forward to more trips with Dr. Cane.


christopher said...

John, thanks for the (exaggerated) compliments regarding my casting abilities. You didn't have ANYmproblems getting your flies in front of the fish.  I had an awsome time getting an "intro" to the wonderful world of carp on a fly rod.  I'll definitely be back. When are we going next?
I'm supprised you didn't describe the 100 yard swim between islands in more detail (looking back, I think we were nuts, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat, and will next time too).  I'm gonna start tying some flies; I've got the Jones.

You definitely are "The Carpfather."

John Montana said...

No exaggeration, you cast like a demon!

Great fishing with you. We will do it again soon..

Unknown said...

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