Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Reel John Montana

Imagine my dad moseying on down the flat, eight weight in hand, polarized glasses on. He spots this in the shallows.

With a steady hand he takes the worm pattern off the hook keep and prepares to cast. The first cast is long, putting the flies too far from the tailing fish. Patiently he picks up then line and casts again.

This time the fly lands in the intended spot. He waits while the worm sinks into position. The tail dips, the fish moves slowly forward, the tail comes back up and he sets the hook. In seconds the fish is peeling off the flats, searching for deep water.

I watch as the carp zips by my feet and my dad merely hangs on. With a hot carp in July, all you can do is hang on. As the carp slows, well into the backing by now, my dad dad begins the long process of getting the fish to hand. The hook holds and a few minutes later we slip the fish into my net.

Just another day on the flats for The Reel John Montana.


Bigerrfish said...

way nice!!

Unknown said...

gatta love it!

Unknown said...

the first cast wasn't too long...just a hair off is all!! Great trip and I'll be back before my Alaska adventure to practice my cat like reflexes!

Wendy Berrell said...

Great post. I was right there.

Unknown said...

still want you and John to come spring fishing for the big rainbow with me J. Have room in the new rv.

Unknown said...

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