Monday, August 30, 2010

Flying home shortly from a nice stay in MN. On a whim Wendy Berrell, his brother Joe and I ran east to the legendary flats of lake MI in search of carp. We walked miles of spectacular water but the carp were simply AWOL. We saw two sure thing fish, only one that we had a legit chance to catch (and I botched it...ugh). Joe did break in his new 7 wt on this sweet smallie that we caught on a random river crossed on the drive home. I literally do not know the River's name. We ended up with 6-7 smallies but no carp. I will go back though. Lake MI is stunning.

More pics of the beautiful flats of lake MI when I get home.

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Wendy Berrell said...

Damn. Still feeling this one. If only those fish would have been there... To fail is one thing but to be denied the opportunity to fail is another.

Whatever the case, it was a cool trip. We learned a lot. Enough to be dangerous in return trip.