Sunday, August 01, 2010

Quite a few trip a in the books for July, and I will get some pictures of some fish up soon. We got into some nice fish this month, and while none were absolute monsters, we caught more than our fair share of mirrors. Elia and I hadn't walked ten feet of this flat before the green fly struck again.

She duked it out with this one for a while but a columbia carp in July is pretty hot and she needed a hand getting it to the net. She is a trooper though and she loves carp!


Wendy Berrell said...

Those are priceless shots. Quite a grin. Nice outing.

KBarton said...

It's the gap in the teeth that makes the shot - you cannot prevent the smile that results.


John Montana said...

Pretty sweet time. I will put a few more pics up. After the first fish Elia hung out by a rock pile and flipped rocks looking for shells/bugs. i fished the rest of the bay. She's an absolute treasure.

Anonymous said...

All I need...more competition. ;-)

Fantastic job!