Friday, March 23, 2012

I see you

Enjoy your will be spring (for real) soon enough.




testflycarpin said...

Great picture. I haven't gotten that to work once yet with my Olympus (half in, half out). Love that effect though.

Mark said...

Hola! Have you checked out Progress Ridge pond/lake/mudpuddle yet, John? I popped over there for about an hour tonight - and was disappointed. They only have a 300' stretch of bank open to fishing - so it looks like tubes are out. Its' pretty much limited to 100' or so on either side of the dock they put in. Be a great spot for kids and older folks with spinning gear. I wrung the little 2 weight out for a bit, along with my 6 weight. Managed to actually finally ***** up a furled leader through a bonehead move. Saw one fellow walking out with a single trout on his stringer. Picked up a wad of monofilament someone left behind, and counted three colors of power bait floating in the water. The lake hasn't even been open a full week yet.

I might go back out sometime with one of my spin rods - especially when warm weather hits. ODFW dumped hot dog trout in there, but that pond has been around for almost 10 years - and I've seen fish feeding in there before - not sure if trout, or bluegill, or what, but I am hoping there's panfish in there too. That'd redeem that pond a lot for me. It'd be really nice if THPRD actually let people fish more than just a few feet of shoreline though. Or allowed float tubes at least.

Ty said...

Awesome photo!