Sunday, March 04, 2012

A day at the beach

Spent the weekend at the coast. I did get an hour of two of futile casting in, fishing from the beach is just so alien and insane. I had some big rocks in front of me, a step up from the usual featureless beach but bites, bumps or heart stopping moments (that had to do with fishing anyway.)

We read, walked,hit the aquarium, played some hero quest, explored the tide pools, and in general enjoyed the view. 90 minutes from my house to this place? Not a bad deal at all.

feeding the birds was a big hit.

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Dwight said...

I'm in Crescent City and got one nice fish right at 8:00 AM. That was high tide. Usually, things are slow when the tide is falling. What time were you fishing?

It sure was a beautiful day to be outside...