Sunday, March 25, 2012

Not to be outdone

The kids wanted a crack at some cold weather carp. I am not much of a bait or gear guy (I own three ultra light spin rods for the kids, and some jigs and hooks) but carp are a great kids species. A few pieces of corn on a bare hook tossed in a known carp travel lane equals fish on with just a bit of patience.

My kids are old hands by now, and after fighting 20+ lb fish on 9.5 foot long flyrods, the little ultra light is pretty simple. And Elia is better with the net than I am to be honest. Just the one today, but it was nice to see some smiles.

I do need to work on the release, which is more shot put than gentle recovery...nice thing about carp is they are pretty forgiving. Looking forward to some bass and crayfish catching expeditions, and the kids want to stalk carp on the river. Going to be a good summer!



Gregg said...

More Dad stuff! (elsewhere slso today) Great to see your kid's enthusiasm! My 3 year old grandaughter brought me her pink 6 compt. fly box. She loves pink, I had better fill it with pink flies, thankfully that color catches fish. Got to be thankful they enjoy that John, not every child has the interest.


Mark said...

Nice one John, always cool to see kids w/ fish, especially "big" fish.

Won't be long before the kids are asking "Daddy, when do we get our own fly rods?" and getting them that way.