Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 2

After tearing up the smallies last night, I totally get the smallmouth bass thing. Prior to last night I hadn't had good action or caught any big smallies...pretty cool fish.

Still, today dawned with more rain clouds and dark sky but we didn't hesitate. We skipped a sure thing smallie slaughtering and went exploring for carp.

And we found em. Lots and lots of them. Instead of slaughtering smallies, we slaughtered the carp. We didn't count but had at least 25 to hand between the two of us, the biggest at 19 lbs and the vast bulk of fish right around 11. While the numbers were good, what made the day great is these freaking carp absolutely chase flies with abandon. No time was spent "detecting the take". Instead, we lead the fish, plopped a big, huge, rabbit stripped lead eyed monstrosity out there and stripped like hell. Some crushing takes and truly memorable moments. Two day of this stuff remaining.

And tomorrow's forecast...mostly sunny.


Mr. P. said...

I love that they chase the fly John. Nice job!

John Montana said...

It is crazy Jim. And they are chasing big old lead eyed goby looking baitfish patterns. Fun stuff.

testflycarpin said...

Awesome. Whish I was there! It is truly amazing how carp are practically a different species in that part of the country.