Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mostly sunny and a high of 75

Yeah, that plus Wendy Berrell and myself prowling the flats is enough to make a guy feel sorry for the carp of lake MI. We put a serious hurt on the carp today, landing somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 carp, and a half dozen or so smallmouth. Once again we threw big rabbit and squirrel flies onto rocky flats, enticing follows and turns and dashes and big, white rimmed open mouth takes. Stunning stuff. Too many memorable takes too recount. Lake MI is and amazing resource.

One day left. We will once again stalk the flats, primarily looking for some real brutes to top our best two fish of the trip thus far (23 lbs for Wendy and 21 for me). The forecast for tomorrow...mostly sunny and a high of 75.

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