Monday, June 27, 2011

Lake MI 2.0

In a few words...massive success. We only had two days of sun, but that didn't stop us from putting the hurt on the fish. Rough numbers for the trip...

75-80 total carp to hand

45-50 smallmouth bass to hand.

Largest fish, a 23 lb beast caught by Wendy Berrell. I got one at 21 lbs as well.

Roughly 10 smallmouth in the 17-18 inch range...we weighed one of those fish at dead on 4 lbs.

Lost flies...countless.

Destroyed gear list...many leaders, and not one but two pairs of boots (lost the felt soles off both my Simms and Wendy's redington boots).

Pictures never do a trip justice, but this time they might come close. We took some fantastic photos. It will be a while before I get home to put up pictures, so keep an eye on Wendy's blog...he will likely get pictures up before me.

So many visual memories in my head right now...crazy. Wendy and I spoke frequently about how blessed we have been to keep up this tradition, and how our trips keep evolving. Truly special time...a big thanks to Kelly and the kids and mrs. Wendy and his little ones as well.

More later.


testflycarpin said...

Second time is the charm! Sounds like an awesome trip. How did they compare strength wise to your OR carp (in a normal season when water temps are reasonable)?

Wendy Berrell said...

Still appreciating the fact that things came together pretty well. That was a top trip. Bunny flies and carp. Thanks again.

Patrick said...

Avid follower of the blog best there is on carp fly fishin, any danger of you posting those savage trip photos jon?:) Paddy

John Montana said...

Photos coming. I just got home about 1 am last night but will get the photos off the camera and on the blog this weekend for sure. We got some killer shots.

Auglaize Fly Shop said...

Nice to see a fellow warmwater fly fisherman who loves to go after some "rough" fish! Sounds like you tore those carp up! Tight lines!

Fontinalis Rising said...

Fishing the flats on Lake Michigan to me seems like the ultimate in freshwater carp and bass fishing. Ultra clear water, big numbers of big fish, awesome scenery in a great location. I'm thinking of hosting an outing next June in Wilderness State Park at one of the log cabins they rent out to stalk carp and bass on the flats there. I'll keep you posted.