Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Massive delay in my posts of late, due to many factors. The kids and work distractions have grown as nearly the same pace over the last couple of months, but adding the seasonal factors in has severely limited my computer time. Not entirely a bad thing, but most of my computer time has been replaced with "college basketball" time. I don't think my wife is too fond of that.

Gonzaga had their first loss agains the legendary Bobby Knight the other day, but they look solid this year. That team oozes potential, we'll see if it all comes together. After having at tough time watching Duke last year (McRoberts, not fun to watch) I am loving them this year. Completely different team.

Next up for Duke...Bo Ryan and Wisconsin at 6pm tonight. Should be a good game.

The Zags get St. Josephs, a true road game in a cracker box gym on Thursday. That one has me nervous. Plus, that game is followed by a game agains Calhoun and UConvicts...ugh...

Gotta love this time of year!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I just had the pleasure of fishing the Deschutes with Coleman and David, so expect a report sometime when I have a chance to spend more than 5 minutes at the computer. Right now, I'm missing Montana a bit, looking through some old pictures with Elia on my lap. There really is no place like Montana. I was fortunate to grow up there and while I've grown to enjoy living in Oregon, Montana will always be home for me.